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and also American, Czech, English, German, Italian, Japanese and Viennese horns! plus horn-related accessories and CDs

99% of horns sold by HALSTEAD MUSIC are personally tried and tested by Tony Halstead

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Most of our sales are 2nd-hand  horns;  however we currently have two superb NEW HORNS in stock and immediately available: one by JOHANNES FINKE and one by TOM FISHER.   Our stock of ‘collectors’ or 'vintage' horns (late 19th / early 20th century) is probably the largest and the most reasonably priced in the UK.

We act as agents for customers who wish to sell 2nd-hand  instruments; we charge a reasonable, flexible commission rate for this service.  

 If you have a French horn you wish to sell, please phone or e-mail us; however, we reserve the right to reject poor-quality instruments.

 Our policy regarding the much-discussed topic of ‘restoration/ repair/ conservation’ is:  “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”  After  56 years of professional playing, Tony Halstead is convinced that a small amount of internal surface ‘patina’ in the cylindrical sections of a brass instrument is actually desirable, giving reassuring acoustic feedback to the embouchure.  However, if valves are sticking, we carry out a very mild, non-abrasive cleaning process in the area of the valve-block only.

Tony himself performs small adjustments, ‘tweaks’ and minor repairs, and specialist craftsmen carry out more complex repair work.

Halstead Music Ltd acts as an agent only, and can accept no responsibility as a principal.