BESSON 602 Compact F horn

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This excellent Besson BE-602 ‘Compact’ single F horn is the right size for a small young player.

About 70% the size of a normal, full-size horn, it is angled appropriately to encourage a correct posture, embouchure and right hand position. The young student no longer has to "reach" or stretch the body to place the mouthpiece on the lips. 
This ‘Compact’ French horn produces an amazingly free, big sound just like a 100% size horn. With its 28cm/11 inch bell diameter and small throat, a beginner’s right hand fits comfortably and correctly into the bell throat. The young player can learn to play ‘stopped’ horn earlier. 

Maker’s specifications, summarised:

3 rotary valves.
Tubing bore: 11.63mm, smaller than that of a full-size horn, requiring less physical effort.
Case: lightweight, very protective, with side pocket and back-pack straps. 
lacquered yellow brass and nickel silver, the lacquer 99% OK and intact.
Key: F 
Thumb ring and adjustable finger hook. 

NB: price comparison: the current new SRP of the BE-602 is £1,160, the discount price £814, from Trevor Jones Brass & Woodwind, Bristol (Sold out at present). Our price is less than 40% of that!

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BESSON 602 Compact F horn