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Be prepared to be surprised and delighted by this superb Dürk ‘Geyer model’ horn, in effect a ‘supercharged Alexander 1103’.

Testing this excellent horn has been a revelation for me.

Firstly, it is much lighter than an Alex 1103, despite its detachable bell. Secondly, it plays with more ‘sensitivity’ and a wider dynamic range!

For more detailed information about this model I suggest having a look at:   http://www.duerkhorns.de/en/duerkhorns/double-horns/model-d4/

The best ‘summary’ I can give of this lovely and characterful lacquered yellow brass horn is that it embodies all the virtues of an Alexander (including a compact, ringing, awesomely focussed sound) but is MUCH easier to play!  With its adjustable 4th valve thumb plate and finger hook, all hand sizes are catered for.  A superb all-round horn with a great high register and tremendous fluency over the entire range.



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