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A very good generalised copy of a vintage Alexander 103,  made in the Hoyer factory, its bell throat engraved  ‘sponsored by Boosey & Hawkes, made in GDR’

Type:  F / Bb full double

Serial number: 125468M

Bell throat profile: medium

Bell diameter:  30 cm

Alloy: silver-plated brass

Bell flare: fixed

Weight: 2.85 kg / 6lb 4oz

Case: hard case with double handles

Further details: a good example of this robustly-made Alexander 103 copy with a central / cylindrical bore of 11.9 mm, which is smaller than the current Alexander bore of 12.1 mm.  Its silver plate is in good condition apart from some slight wear inside the bell throat and in the area of the left hand and on the exterior bell throat and neck. Although slightly on the heavy side, it has a more compact shape than some modern Intermediate equivalents such as the Yamaha 567 or the Holton 378. It has quite a comfortable left hand position (for me!) although ideally, it would suit a player with large hands.  Very importantly, it plays with a rich sonority over the whole range. A recommendable instrument especially for students up to about Grade 8, and furthermore, excellent value for substantially less than £1000


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