PAXMAN 'SANSONE' Bb / A+/ F ext, 5 rotors

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Model: ‘SANSONE’

Type:  5 valve Bb / A+ with built-in F extension operated by the little finger

Bell throat profile: medium-large

Bore (cylindrical): 12 mm

Alloy: unlacquered yellow brass

Bell flare: fixed

Water key: conventional type, on the leadpipe

Duck’s foot/ flipper: a very early and unusual design that is laterally adjustable.

Weight: 2.39 kg

Visual condition:  ‘well-used’; a very few tiny dings and scratches, but these are purely cosmetic issues that have no effect on the horn’s playing qualities.

Valve compression: good, depending on regular oiling to achieve the best air sealing.

Case: original heavy wooden case in somewhat ‘tired’ condition, but still functional and protective.  Alternative new lightweight cases are available at modest extra cost.

Further details: a fascinating example of a totally hand-made Paxman horn dating from the ‘pre Merewether’ era (i.e. before about 1959).  It plays quite well generally with an excellent high register. Two of the 5 rotors were recently nickel plated and 'lapped in', resulting in a marked improvement in the middle register in particular.

 Its original leadpipe was found to have some internal corrosion, and was recently replaced by a new Paxman ‘medium’ pipe, to good effect.  It takes some time to adjust one’s left hand ‘grip’ to total reliance on the duck’s foot, since the little/ pinky finger needs to be free to operate the 4th valve’s spatula, which gives ‘not quite’ the F extension (even with the very large slide pulled out a long way, its pitch is quite sharp); however, I recently came across some online information suggesting that certain ‘Sansone’ models with sharp-pitch F extensions are reliant upon the addition of the 5th / thumb valve to the 4th / little finger valve, so as to achieve the correct F horn length. This is indeed the case here.

NB: Although this is a 'professional quality' horn, it is also listed in the Intermediate category on account of its very modest price.

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PAXMAN 'SANSONE' Bb / A+/ F ext, 5 rotors