SELMER Thevet model with ascending 3rd valve

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Maker: Henri SELMER, Paris

Model: Compensating double French horn in F/Bb with 3 piston valves and a rotary 4th valve.

Bell flare: detachable

By the 1960s, the loyalty of the French to their traditional piston-valved single F horns was being severely tested by the increasing demands of modern conductors and composers.  Selmer's elegant solution was to develop a compensating double piston horn, with input from Lucien Thévet, one of the great players of the 20th century.  This example, in excellent condition, features an ascending third valve - a system which offers a number of advantages in terms of tuning and security in the high register, and still remains the choice of many French musicians.

The horn comes with a flat case and an excellent Selmer #4 mouthpiece, together with two adapters to fit most present-day mouthpieces.

NB: It was recently fitted with an adjustable finger hook to replace the former 'almost crippling' one (!) and this has resulted in a slight price increase. Although a professional horn it is also listed in the Intermediate category because of its 'sub £2K' price.

PRICE COMPARISON: there are currently TWO similar horns to this on ebay, one priced at over £2,500 plus shipping from the USA, and the other at £1,900.  Neither of them has a screw bell.


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SELMER Thevet model with ascending 3rd valve