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Model:   ‘Solist’:  Alexander 103 model

Type: F/Bb full double

Country of origin: ‘GDR’, the former East Germany

Bell throat profile: medium

Alloy: lacquered (65%-70% OK) yellow brass

Bell flare: fixed

Valve compression: very good

Water key: conventional type, on the leadpipe.

Weight: 2.55 kg / 5 lb 10 oz

Visual/ cosmetic condition:  Quite good; ‘has seen some use’; there are several ‘non-acoustical’ dings and areas of scratched or missing lacquer.

Case: original hard case with shoulder strap, in good if 'well-used' condition.

Further details:  this sturdy German-made Alexander 103 copy is a ‘sleeper’ horn (!), meaning that its general appearance isn’t wonderful, but as a practical, working musical instrument it is fine and OK. Its formerly rather short valve levers have been extended by USA dimes.

  With ‘all the notes in all the right places’ and a full, clear, ringing sound, this inexpensive  full double horn is just the job for a player who isn’t too bothered about how it looks,  but is more concerned about its fine playing qualities

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