ALEXANDER vintage 103

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A very fine ALEXANDER 103, in yellow brass, with a vintage slim-line original Alexander 'mock-croc' case, much lighter than the current 103 case.

This lovely, free-blowing horn largely dates from the late 1950s/early 1960s but its bell was replaced approx 25 years ago.

It is an excellent example of a vintage 103, possessing all the legendary virtues of this iconic model, whose basic design has been unchanged since the early years of the 20th century.


With a ringing clarity of sound, a 'notchy' high register and very good rotor compression, (all 4 rotors having been nickel plated and lapped-in very recently) this horn is very reasonably priced, to attract not only an Alexander enthusiast, but any player looking for a classic European double horn with many years of life left in it.


Cosmetically / visually it is rather undistinguished; there is one small patch, on the main tuning slide, and only about 15% of its lacquer has survived. 

But it plays very beautifully and is quite light in weight, compared to the modern Alex 103.



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ALEXANDER vintage 103