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The original ‘Farkas Model’ as designed by Philip Farkas, the legendary former 1st horn of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

It is a superb horn with a bright, compact feel, and a sound of outstanding tonal beauty.  Its ‘Medium-throated’ hand-hammered bell produces a medium-dark singing tone with fine legato characteristics. The yellow brass body produces a bright, pure tone colour with multiple overtones and great projection.

This lovely horn is capable of playing pianissimo to fortissimo, ‘staccatissimo’ to ‘molto legato’ with great clarity and sensitivity.


 Key: F-Bb.

Pitch: A=445 with independent Bb tuning.

Bore: 11.89 mm

Mouthpipe: nickel silver, with 7.784 mm venturi

(narrowest dimension).

Valve levers: noiseless string action, short stroke with stainless steel springs.

Valve rotors: tapered hand-lapped brass.

Bearing plates: tapered brass.

Material: brass branches and bows, solid nickel silver connecting ferrules.

Slides: solid nickel silver both inside and out.

Bell: 12.25” diameter medium-throated hand-hammered yellow brass.

Water key: conventional type, on the mouthpipe.

Case: original Holton case, heavy but very protective.

NB: This horn is in very good condition,  with just one small area in the outer upper bell throat where a minor ding has evidently been expertly removed.

NNB: 'Price comparison': A new Holton 178 currently costs (best discount prices):  £5440 from Trevor Jones, Bristol, and £4550  from Alan Gregory, Manchester.

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