JUNGWIRTH Vienna horn

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Type: single horn with Viennese double-piston valves.

Crook: F

Bell throat profile: medium, but slightly wider than that of the other Jungwirth on this web site: http://halsteadmusic.co.uk/shop/bsingle-horns/jungwirth-vienna-horn

Bore of valve tubing (cylindrical): 11mm, which expands to 11.65mm in the slightly tapered bow of the main tuning slide. Maybe this slightly earlier taper leading into the bell branch accounts for the horn’s excellent high register(?)

Alloy: Yellow-brass; The bell’s garland (‘kranz’), 35mm wide, is nickel silver.

Bell flare: fixed

Valve compression: excellent

Weight: 1.82 kg / 4lb 2oz

Case: ‘Consolat de Mar' compact gig bag

Further details: A superb Vienna horn with no ‘wolf notes’ and an intense, warm and singing sound. Since the instrument is 2nd hand, there are just a few small and inconsequential dings, hardly noticeable, which have no effect on its playing.

NB: In traditional Viennese fashion, there is no finger hook; however, since the horn is unlacquered, a hook could be fitted by a brass craftsman without blemishing the brass in the area of the left hand.


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JUNGWIRTH Vienna horn