GBMS 'Scherzo' HAND-HORN, brand-new

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An amazingly inexpensive 'entry level' hand horn for those players who wish to develop hand technique skills without having to pay several thousands of pounds  for one of the various superb high-end horns such as those made by Webb, Seraphinoff or Jungwirth. 

I always recommend the John Webb 'Bohemian' or 'French' models as a matter of course (although new ones are no longer available, owing to the sad death of John Webb in 2014) but if you simply don’t have that kind of money, this very attractive lacquered yellow-brass French reproduction hand horn is ideal as a ‘starter’. 

Its visual appearance is now enhanced by the beautiful, exotic painted patterns inside the bell flare, reminiscent of those found on many similarly decorated French instruments.

It has a very narrow bell throat, so that small movements of the right hand have a big effect on the pitch.
Supplied with four crooks, D, E flat, E and F, playing at pitches between A 440 and A 435, supplied in a large padded case with detachable pockets for each crook, this has got to be the 'horn bargain' of the year.
NB: optional / additional crooks for A and G are available for £43 each, as is a single-coil coupler for £33 to lower the D crook to C basso.

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GBMS 'Scherzo' HAND-HORN, brand-new